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E-MAX HOME offers you various sofa and furniture stores in Hong Kong. Made to cater the needs of city-dwellers with quality lifestyle, E-MAX HOME houses more than 40 stores for interior design and homeware.

Exquisite Furniture Store in Hong Kong – a true must-see

Going to furniture stores in Hong Kong to begin decorating your new home can be both exciting and daunting. There are a lot of good sofa stores in Hong Kong but none of them come close to E-Max Home.


It’s one of the most exciting times of your life, you are finally picking out the pieces of furniture and décor to go with the theme you and your husband have agreed on for your new home. You’re convinced that you will not need the help of an interior designer and that hiring one will be an expense that you may be highly unprepared for and that’s fine. You might actually be right. I mean, how hard can decorating your dream home be? With an abundance of furniture stores in Hong Kong and a plethora of magazines dedicated to decorating living spaces, how can one go wrong?

If you want the truth, it’s actually not that hard if you have a good eye, good taste, and a big budget. But, it’s also not hard to make mistakes that may cost you enough to make you regret not hiring a professional decorator. Simply walking into the wrong sofa shop among Hong Kong’s many furniture stores, can turn make your creative concept into something tacky. So how can one avoid that? The answer is simple. It’s as easy as knowing where to shop.

Effortless Elegance

There are more furniture stores in Hong Kong than anyone can count and knowing the ones that are worth your time will save you both money and any form of resentment towards yourself for choosing to do this on your own. One such furniture store is also a well-known sofa provider in Hong Kong, E-Max Home.

It is located on the 4th and 5th floors of the E-Max mall where you will find dozens of brands that will provide you with everything that you need to make your decorating dreams come true. Every piece of furniture displayed at this massive 2-floor Hong Kong furniture store exudes tasteful refinement so much so that it’s almost impossible for you to get anything wrong with your DIY decorating.

The exquisite pieces are displayed into sets, making picking your furniture out even easier. The brilliant designers of this Hong Kong sofa provider have made sure that their unique masterpieces will give your home the character it needs

Tips and Tricks for Tasteful Picks

At this point you probably already have a theme in mind but you’re not sure if the furniture and décor you’ve fallen in love with in the magazines are available in your area or are within your spending range. So, here are some guidelines to help you make decisions when you find yourself scrambling from the overwhelming pressure that these financial decisions leave you with.

Make at least one full tour of the whole store before deciding on anything

You don’t have to buy things immediately, put them on hold and come back another day

Have a budget and stick to it

Select classic and timeless pieces

Go for furniture that will fit other themes, be practical and think long term

Ask for opinions from friends or family

Finding yourself overwhelmed by such a big furniture store in Hong Kong can excite you and even trick you into going a different direction altogether. It’s important to stay on track and to stick to your original design plan. But, if you are convinced to redo your whole decorating plan, then do it with a clear mind and a calm heart. Don’t make on the spot purchases for a new theme that your partner hasn’t approved of yet.

HomeShopShop Directory
Shop Directory
  • Chung Ying
    Location: 414
    Location: 519 & 521 & 523
  • Leago workshop
    Location: 526 & 528
  • Oggetti
    Location: 409 & 411
  • Solid Idea
    Location: 505 & 507
  • e-kitchen
    Location: 556
  • FNW
    Location: 418 & 422B & 422A & 424 & 424B & 424A
  • La Maison Interior Design
    Location: 553 & 427
    Location: 417A
    Location: 589 & 591
  • As One Design
    Location: 428
  • Hei Design
    Location: 509 & 511
  • Hei Design Luxury
    Location: 410 & 412
  • inT Design
    Location: 595
  • VW Design
    Location: 420
    Location: 535
  • Design 2000
    Location: 430
  • JC Design Studio
    Location: 593
    Location: 429 & 431 & 433
  • WOW interior
    Location: 531 & 533
  • Index Design
    Location: 417C
  • Guarda Safe
    Location: 530
    Location: 413 & 415
    Location: 565
  • Art Ascent Design
    Location: 503
  • Home Master
    Location: 501
    Location: 579
  • SPZP
    Location: 432
  • Base Design
    Location: 416
    Location: 581
  • Stage Interior
    Location: 583 & 585 & 587
  • Anibull Sofa
    Location: 508
    Location: 419
  • VirtuouS interiors
    Location: 524
  • Ming's Design
    Location: 417B
  • Key Design
    Location: 522
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