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Looking for one of a kind interior design in Hong Kong? Time saving and full of choices, E-MAX HOME offers you the ideal hub for interior design and home furniture. Come visit and get inspired!

E-MAX HOME, premiere Interior Design destination

For all your interior design needs make your way through E-MAX HOME’s expansive 2-floor display of the finest furniture and décor to complete your home. Discover stylish pieces from homegrown and international brands.

The ultimate interior design one-stop shop

Its finally time to go shopping to make your home’s interior design concept a reality! It’s one of the most exciting times in the life of any newly married couple and there’s no better way to complete that interior design shopping list than doing it in just one store!

If you’ve never gone interior design shopping before then here’s something you need to know. Having a theme or a design plan in mind is one thing and shopping for the furniture and the décor is another thing. Here are some of the cons of shopping in different furniture stores as opposed to doing all your shopping in E-MAX HOME:

Going to many different shops takes a lot of time

Buying pieces separately might mean a change in the overall look

You will have to for your purchases to be delivered on separate dates

All of these have to be taken in consideration for you to achieve the design you have in mind. With all these cons, the supposedly exciting task becomes a difficult and stressful one.

Enter interior design heaven

Upon entering the 150,000 square foot furniture store, expect to be overwhelmed by all the masterfully crafted pieces of furniture, fixtures, and everything else related to lavish interior design on display. Take your time making your way through each brand display before making any final purchasing decisions.

On a more serious note, you might actually find yourself getting lost in the massive interior design store while looking for something specific, so make sure to visit the website for a map of the floor plan to familiarize yourself before making the trip out.

Interior design companies lend a helping hand

Of the many stores and brands present at E-MAX HOME’s 4th and 5th floors, 28 are dedicated interior design companies. Each of the 28 interior design companies have showrooms decorated with both their best on-trend and more classic pieces. This is a great help for customers walking into the store without a finalized theme or design plan to shop for just yet.

Head on straight to their display areas and you might just find exactly what you’re looking for to decorate your new home with.

Top interior design tips to save in style

Remember that unlike shoes and clothes, furniture and home pieces are meant for years upon years of use mainly because of how much they initially cost and because they’re made to last. So here are some super saver tips that won’t make you sacrifice style.

Buy furniture in neutral colors and let your décor do the talking. By choosing to go with neutral colored furniture, you can switch your interior design themes up more often, leaving the color play to the smaller pieces that are more practical to replace and the bigger pieces simply blending in to the new theme.

Don’t fill your house up on your first shopping trip! You will find that as time passes by you will find it hard to resist adding new pieces to your home be it from your international travels or from antique shops, and maybe even future trips to E-MAX HOME. Make sure to leave space for new purchases and you won’t have to get rid of any existing ones just to make space.

If you’re in doubt about some pieces not fitting your theme, it’s always best to ask for a second opinion.



Explore one of Hong Kong's largest interior design, furniture and home décor malls

Everyone has ideas of how their dream homes might look. This home might not be the most spacious, but it should show your personality and taste, with your expectation for and commitment to your home incorporated in every detail.  But it is time-consuming to find the right furniture to bring this very special home into reality. Then E-Max Home is the ideal place for you to create your very own home. Located on 4/F and 5/F at the KITEC, this 150,000-square-foot home furnishing and decor centreis the hub to various stylish home decor brands. It offers an extensive collection ofbespoke designer items for living and dining room, bedroom, kitchen and bathroom that add a touch of style to every corner of your home. Interior design studios are also on site to provide you with inspirations to create your dream home.